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Monday, November 14, 2011

Creativity Through Nature

Maple Tree in Autumn
 Today's post is about the need to be creative and how we can accomplish this through being out in nature, and is written by returning guest writer Denise Onyskiw.  Denise is a blogger and writer who is currently working on a book about life between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes of our existence.  You can see more information about her book at:


Additionally, she has her own blog at http://www.awalkthroughthegarden.wordpress.com/ and she also writes for wellbeing-support.com.  I encourage you to check out both of these blogs as they are informative and well-written.  Here are her thoughts on the flow of life:

Creation is one of the most beautiful ways Spirit manifests in us.  The desire to create is something that comes directly from the Creator.  Whenever we make music, food, clothes, books, performances, paintings, pottery, or gardens, we are drawing directly from God.  Creation is a prayer because it glorifies Spirit.

Creation is also something we must do in order to be healthy.  If the creative outlet is not honored, we may feel incomplete.  We may even feel stress.  Even enjoying the creations of others helps us out, especially the creation of nature.

Creation is so important but a lot of us do not make time for it.  Our society dictates a “busier than thou” lifestyle in which constant activity is required but not much of it creative.  For the health of our souls we need to take time to create.  Whether this means logging off the Internet, deciding less housework will do, saying no to social events, turning off the television, or putting your cell phone out of reach is up to each of us individually.  But we know what we have to do and we will not regret it.  One of the first steps we have available to us to connect with Creation by getting out into nature.  There are few things more inspiring than the beauty of the natural world.

When God created everything, it must have been an incredible act of joy.  How else can we explain the beauty in life?  The flowers, sunsets, furry animals, cute babies of all species, oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests all express this incredible joy.  And any artist will tell you what a joy creation is.

It is impossible not to be creative.  Every decision we make is an act of creativity.  Every time we deal with color we are being creative.

Creativity is our expression of God within us.  We all have this expression.  Anyone who says, “I am not creative,” is thinking in very narrow terms.

Creativity is also a lot of fun.  There is a lot of play involved with any creative pursuit.  Creativity has few rules.  Otherwise, it would just be checking off a to-do list.

Even chores can be creative.  We can find different ways of doing things.  We can rearrange steps or directions.  We can use different tools or maybe even different colors of tools.

There are many conventional and unconventional media for creating: oil paint, ink, pencil, watercolor, fabric, stone, clay, pastels, charcoal, household or garbage items used in collage, magazine picture clippings, computer programs, the list goes on.  For creativity in solving problems the list is literally endless.  The common element in all creativity is our minds.

If we look at the Genesis story in the Bible, we can interpret its meaning to be that, after God created humanity, She could rest.  We are able to create with Her inspiration which is all around us, particularly in the natural world.

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