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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Product Review - Rapid Response 3.0 Folding Knife

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to use and review a knife from Coast Products, a maker of lights, knives and multi-tools.  I am always eager to test new products and since I have a fondness for quality knives, I jumped at the chance.

While I was waiting for the complimentary product to arrive, I began to take pause with what I had agreed to do.  As much as I like knives, I find very few that I feel are top quality.  Most of the time, I am disappointed and relegate that particular blade to the “drawer of old stuff” where it sits until I need an emergency backup or decide to loan it out or trade it for something else.

Rapid Response 3.0 Folding Knife
After the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I saw the Rapid Response 3.0 knife (model RX312).  It has the look, and feel, of a very solid knife.  It is black oxide coated which gives it a very rugged and lethal look.  The blade is stainless steel with a length of three inches.  Fully open, the knife is seven inches long.  The handle is a textured nylon impregnated with fiberglass, which gives it a solid but comfortable grip.  Weighing almost four ounces, it is on the heavy side for a pocketknife but I actually like that, as its weight bears out its durable nature.  It also has a hook for quick attaching the knife to a belt, pocket or pack.

The best surprise of all came when I opened the blade.  It is spring loaded and uses a roller-bearing design to ensure that the blade opens fully and smoothly with a reasonable amount of effort.  Additionally, the knife has two separate safety lock mechanisms.  The first is a standard lock within the blade storage compartment that must be pressed to the side of the handle each time the blade is closed.  The second, and best, mechanism is a button on the side of the handle that can be used to lock the blade in either the fully open or fully closed position.  This is a definite value for this or any other folding-blade knife.

The blade itself is impressive looking, with about one inch of serrated surface and the outer two inches being a standard beveled knife edge.  I was impressed with its overall sharpness out of the box as well as its ability to hold an edge after multiple uses.  My only negative about this knife is the location of the “button” extending out on both sides of the blade to make the opening of the blade easier.  Its location on the blade is very close to the knife handle and even though there is some relief built into the handle, it is still a bit cumbersome to hold and open the blade with one hand.

I haven’t had the knife long enough to test its long-term durability, but for the time being it holds its rightful spot as my everyday carrying knife.  It replaces a quality Gerber knife that I have carried for several years.  With an online retail price of $42.00, I feel this knife is adequately priced for the market and is a good value for the money spent.

Based upon my experience with this knife, I encourage all of you to check into Coast Product knives.  I will definitely be considering their products when I make future purchases.

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