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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Python Challenge 2013

In its latest attempt to combat the issue of burmese pythons taking over the Everglades, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has turned to a time-proven method of wildlife population control.  It is sponsoring a hunting contest.

Beginning in mid-January 2013, cash prizes will be awarded to the hunters who catch the most and largest Burmese pythons.  The longest documented Burmese python in the Everglades is currently 17 feet in length, but this will likely be old news by the end of the contest in mid-February 2013.

All contest entrants are required to pay a $25 entry fee and complete an online training course.  The 40 minute course, called REDDy, helps the hunters learn about the species that they shouldn't be targeting during the contest.  While the primary goal is to reduce the population of the invasive python species, the secondary goal is to educate about the negative impacts of non-native, invasive species on an ecosystem.

If you are interested, contest rules can be found at PythonChallenge.org.  More to come on this innovative population control technique.

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